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Engineering Procurement and  Construction

For optimal efficiency and scalability

Project Management Consulting

On Schedule within budget


Promotion of Villas,Apartment complexes and Theme housing

Property Care

Annual maintenance, House keeping,Lease management

Construction: Features

Engineering Procurement & Construction

The HIMANG EPC advantage

EPC projects are highly schedule driven where phases are overlapped to complete the project as early as possible. Moreover, these EPC projects are massive, utilize high skill and well trained employee, acquires complex and complicated methodology/technology, It needs fast information flow between different phases and close collaboration of multidiscipline as well. On the other hand EPC projects typically face serious problems like crew idleness, rework and management dilemma which lead to cost overrun and schedule delay. In a nutshell project profitably is hit by 2 main parameters 

1. Schedule overrun
2. Cost overrun.
A detailed root cause analysis done shows that major factors contributing to schedule delay and cost overrun are mostly related to material and equipment, such as material shortage, procurement delay, or late delivery on site. Besides, delay in placing purchase order, design changes, lack of  sub contractor’s experience, late approvals, vendor information coming in late and further most due to the lack of coordination between Client, contractor and suppliers regarding exchange of information are other factors contributing cost overrun and schedule delay.

The HIMANG Process :
Our closely integrated unified digital platform ( developed in house) Integrates the PMC , Suppliers and the Task forces and even our principals and their architects and structural engineers( if needed)  ( In addition to our in house architecture and structural team)  on a single platform. This has drastically reduced  communication gaps and has ensured transparency to the entities and timely availability of men and material on time , Also, this has improved the reliability and consistency in availability there by reducing the project completion risks.Moreover being an ISO 9001 certified company HIMANG has standardized the SOPs in the critical project path and has enforced strict work safety ( details of which can be found in HIMANGs work safety manual )  this has lifted the  trust and satisfaction of all entities related to the  work, and the proof of this lies in the envious 98.2% success rate on timely and on budget fulfillment track record that HIMANG maintains. Till  date HIMANG has successfully completed 1.8 million sqft of EPC contracts. for further details and testimonials please do email us at

Construction: Welcome

Project Management Consulting

The HIMANG PMC advantage

Project management is a broad field in which the consultants of HIMANG undertake the partial or complete management of a project, all according to the request of the client. Modern project management involves effective preparation, planning, analysis of risk aspects and risk management, procurement, execution, project control, contract management , completion and commissioning.Effective project management ensures a comprehensive overview at all stages of preparation and execution and makes it more likely that individual project components and the project as whole remains within the defined time and cost frame. HIMANG undertakes project management of a variety of projects, anything from simple development projects up to complicated construction projects.

Great importance is placed on analysing risk factors in projects and maintaining preventive supervision where our experts review budget and time schedules, designs, specifications, bids, project contracts, work arrangements, etc. before work commences.

Construction management is one aspect of project management and constitutes a defined role according to law. Our team undertakes the construction management of numerous projects in building construction, factory construction, utilities construction and heavy industry construction. Our experts were responsible for the construction management in the construction of many mission and time critical off shore projects too.

HIMANG has its project management practices inculcated and inducted by expats from Alacrity Foundation a prominent construction company of the ester years known for their quality practices and business ethics. As on date HIMANG has a collective PMC experience of of more than 100 (person) years . for further  information on HIMANG quality practices and project management best practices please do  feel free to write to us on

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Property Care Services

The HIMANG Prop Care  advantage

HIMANG Offers a suit of property care services to the customers ranging from property  identification service , property re selling services , property finance assistance services, property maintenance service, property related statutory services, property leasing services, Also HIMANG undertakes property renovation and refurbishing services. Details of each service is elaborated below.

Property identification service :   HIMANG assists customers to identify the right property to acquire  by analysis of customer's specific needs ,expectations and budget. Also , post identification should the customer desire to purchase the property HIMANG assist them with the due diligence, legal assistance, property loan processing assistance , documentation , and the property title deed registration assistance as a one stop shop provider.

Property resale service HIMANG assists customers in the resale of their existing property by identifying a right purchaser and assisting the clients in all the processes that follow till the completion of sale by conveyance of title deed to the purchaser.

Property finance assistance  service  : HIMANG assists customers by coordinating with the loan providers to raise finance as a home loan or a mortgage loan depending on how the case might be and by providing the necessary documentation services which are required for the same  . 


Property maintenance service :  HIMANG's property maintenance lets the customer enjoy trouble free peace as it takes care of minor repairs or necessary upgrades  . Also, for apartment complexs and group housing  HIMANG offers end to end housekeeping services  like cleaning service , maintenance and repair of sewage treatment plants , swimming pool repairs  and maintenance, leak proofing , electrical and plumbing repairs .

Property leasing services : HIMANG assists the customers to identify an apt lessor / tenant for their property ( Residential / commercial / office space) after performing background checks of  the prospect. Further , HIMANG assists by collecting the monthly or periodic lease rent or lease consideration and credit it to the premise owner's account . 

Property renovation service :  In addition to the above services HIMANG also offers property renovation services to it's clients which includes civil works, plumbing, electrical , architectural and even interior design services .

For further details please do feel free to contact us on or by whatsapp @ +91 98404 74736

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Real estate and Housing

Himang Infrastructure Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a rapidly growing constructions company engaged in building turnkey projects for Industrial, Commercial and Residential requirements. The major operations of the company are in and around Chennai. The company has completed several quality projects within a very short span of time and has earned the reputation of being a reliable builder who will deliver the projects on time and within the budget. The company is proud to have a long list of successfully completed projects and a handful of ongoing projects.

It is a company with lot of inherent strengths. Successful and energetic leader, substantially ploughed back capital employed (Rs.120 lacs), Debts free working till date, Near nonexistent current or other liabilities, Delivering more than promised transparent operations, value for money and addressing the essentials are some of the salient features of Himang's working.

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HIMANG's Madhuvanthi

@ Sembakkam, Chennai

This is a project under construction and is scheduled to be completed by February 2021

Construction: Image

Balaji Avenue , Sembakkam,Samraj Nagar,8th street.

Project Location

This project is Located off Samaraj Nagar 8th street , Sembakkam , Surrounded by housing colonies and Nanmangalam forest on the east and Nanmangalam lake on the North . The perfect serenity and ambiance that prevails provides an opportunity for a peaceful living especially considering the proximity of just 950 meters to the Tambaram Velachery main road. You can check the site location and distances by clicking on the  map provided.

HIMANG offers 2 and 3 Bed apartments in this project. While 2 BHKs are available in sizes less than 1000 sqft.  And 3 BHKs are available in the sizes of 1175 sqft and 1312 sqft . Please explore subscequent sections for details of the floor plans. Also you can down load a copy of the plans from here .

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Construction: Work
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