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Smart Agri 4.0

IoT in Agriculture for productivity improvement

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Industry 4.0 guides manufacturing industries in optimizing cost, schedule and quality .Manufacturing operations and supply chains continue to be pushed for cost savings, efficient capital allocations, and improved customer responsiveness. To achieve the next level of productivity, manufacturing plants must innovate. 
Our Suite of solutions assists manufacturing firms to achieve this goal  . To know more please click on Explore

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Real time condition monitoring & Predictive Maintenance

Production down time is a costly affair that leads to loss of revenue , slippage fulfillment, backlogs and most important of all trust deficit with patrons. The usual practice to avoid such disasters is preventive maintenance which is done periodically  . Though preventive maintenance is a scheduled it involves costs , time and mundane checklist based replacement of components and controls ( Irrespective of their status) . While in some cases this effort  might be worth the cost and benefits , but it is not true in all cases . This dilemma can be over come by our PREDACT Preventive Maintenance  solution. PREDACT Improves operational reliability, product quality, and safety, while reducing maintenance costs with machine learning and AI-enabled predictive and prescriptive insights. It provides  real-time and historical insight into asset health, diagnose root-causes of failures, detect anomalies and get early warnings of conditions out of tolerance. Also  it enables intelligent scheduling, there by reducing breakdowns and asset damage, and optimizing  parts and tooling replacement processes. to know further please do write to us at with subject line as "PREDACT". To go back to the main menu please click on back, to learn more about our asset performance monitoring solution please click on asset perf button.

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Now measure your asset performance real time for effective and fast decisions

Three biggest challenges in production are

  1. Variability

  2. Cycle time

  3. Turnaround Time 

  Our ASSETMAN  solution addresses the above mentioned challenges ,optimizes production efficiency and agility in your assets and production lines with data-driven decision support using standard and custom KPIs. Uncover real-time and historical operational knowledge to lean processes and develop standardized work for continuous improvement. It has configurable alerts that can alert staff to unplanned variability and risk, avoiding costly errors and increasing throughput of better-quality products. to know more about this please do write to us at  with subject line as "ASSETMAN".

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Fleet management on the go

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Holistic fleet management , Real time tracking of field assets

Managing a pool of commercial vehicles is indeed a challenge at the best of times.

a fleet manager is accountable for five key areas of fleet

  1. vehicle acquisition,

  2. Fuel management,

  3. Vehicle maintenance,

  4. Health and safety and 

  5. Compliance

While to operations manager is boxed to the wall to face the different sets of problems​ namely excessive time spent on fleet management admin tasks ,drop shipment problems , Optimization and reduction of idol time , Relaying messages accurately to fleet drivers ,to mention just a few common and prominent ones. 

More than 60% of fleet managers say the inability of field teams to follow assigned schedules has a negative impact on the business. Inaccurate estimated times of arrival for deliveries in particular can have a negative impact on the business’s reputation. Customers are no longer satisfied with rough estimations that span a few days – instead they want to know the exact time window on the exact day that they will receive their goods.

Businesses need to adapt to consumer expectations, and fleet management assists in ensuring that quality customer service is provided. This is critical in terms of business survival, particularly when it comes to delivering within the estimated time of arrival Because of this, 40% of fleet managers find themselves spending up to 2 - 4 hours each day keeping customers informed of when to expect their deliveries . 

Our digitally integrated (IoT) digital solution addresses all these pain areas there by optimizing your cost of operation and improving your fulfillment and onetime delivery .compliance. To learn more or to watch a demo please do write to us at 

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What value can a Digital Twin add to your process be it manufacturing or service

Digital twins are digital models that virtually represent their physical counterparts. This virtual representation of a physical product, an operational process, or a person’s task is used to understand or predict the physical counterpart by leveraging both the business system data that defines it and its physical world experience captured through sensors.

What started out with the capture and storage of enterprise data has slowly crept out of the server closet. Sensors are everywhere, and telemetry data is being created by not only Smart, Connected Products, but for entire enterprise processes and systems,The result is that today this data exists in siloes across organizations, each possessing limited context which in turn limits its value.Integration of this data is the first step towards enterprise 4.0 and it plays a vital role for not just system integration but also for Digital Twin implementation .

What enterprise outcomes does the digital thread/Twins deliver?

Engineering Excellence: Real world usage data combined with product simulation enables engineers to adapt to changing markets and to optimize future product designs for higher quality, and reduce engineering costs while accelerating time to market.

Downstream Efficiency: Extending the digital thread to downstream stakeholders to enhance cross functional collaboration, enabling efficient change management in manufacturing and service processes, eliminating scrap and rework, and reducing lead times. The twin can also be adapted to generate manufacturing and service instructions that can be paired with the product inside and outside the organization.

Success-Driven Design: Analyze the as-designed versus as-used product data to optimize product requirements to better fit customer needs and bring differentiated product enhancements to market before the competition.

To view a demo and learn further on how Digital Twins can assist and add value to your manufacturing / service process please do e-mail us at and we would be glad to respond back .

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Aqua 4.0

IT & IoT in Aquaculture

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AQUA 4.0

What value does  IoT bring to conventional Aqua culture , Does the investment pay back?

The term Aquaculture 4.0 was introduced by European Commission in a late 2017 H2020 innovation action call1 . It refers to 4.0 industry, that includes Internet of Things, cloud computing and data exchange. A 4.0 Aquaculture refers though to a connected aquaculture, using connected objects that are sending and analyzing data in real time with cloud computing processes.

Aquaculture yields  in India have remained modest so far as there isn't a prevalent use of  integrated systems that measure the fundamental parameters of water in an automated fashion.  At present most of the farmers and shrimping companies rely on periodic manual measurements and analysis . This approach has many disadvantages as the fundamental parameters in water doesn't keep changing periodically.  rather the rate of change and magnitude of change is erratic and difficult to predict as it is caused due to various reasons .

Our IoT solution Aqua 4.0  heps in continuous  real time monitoring of fundamantal water parameters like Temperature , chemical oxygen demand, The biological oxygen demand, The Ph levels in the water , amount of dissolved nitrites in the water and also turbidity . The systems are rule based and can be configured to activate any appliance like the aerators, feeders, Ph dispensers etc based on the set rules . 

Benefits: Farmers who have used our solution have seen high survival rates and better tonnages in production, This has in fact accelerated and shortened the projected payback period .It is obvious from the fact that the system has  delivered the right amount of Oxygen, Ph and other essential agents to the growing culture  at the right time and in the right quantities as more of a closed loop precision aquaculture . For further information please do feel free to write to us at 

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Smart Agriculture 4.0

Benefits of Smart Agri 4.0

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What value does  IoT bring to conventional agriculture ,Benefits of precision farming

Precision agriculture (PA) is an approach to farm management that uses information technology  to ensure that the crops and soil receive exactly what they need for optimum health and productivity. The goal of PA is to ensure profitability, sustainability and protection of the environment.

The approach includes accessing real-time data about the conditions of the crops, soil and ambient air, along with other relevant information such as hyper-local weather predictions, labor costs and equipment availability. Predictive analytics software uses the data to provide farmers with guidance about crop rotation, optimal planting times, harvesting times and soil management.

Sensors in fields measure the moisture content and temperature of the soil and surrounding air. remote sensing image inputs  in our solution provides farmers with real-time images of individual plants/ crops. Information from those images can are processed and integrated with sensor and other data to yield guidance for immediate and future decisions, such as precisely what fields to water and when or where to plant a particular crop.

The agricultural control centers in our solution integrate sensor data and imaging input with other data, providing farmers with the ability to identify fields that require treatment and determine the optimum amount of water, fertilizers and pesticides to apply. This helps the farmer avoid wasting resources and prevent run-off, ensuring that the soil has just the right amount of additives for optimum health, while also reducing costs and controlling the farm's environmental impact.

Limited field studies have shown that Smart Agri 4.0 has increased the yield and Profitability of farmers from 25% to 30%  . For further information please do write  to us at

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